Sasha Astiadi

Sasha sees herself as a Human-centered product manager, researcher and UX Designer who puts the planet as her main mission. It is her duty and aspiration to define the ways humans relate to and interact with the world, how we can navigate space effectively, how we humans can connect to our planet better and create a better designed world, for you and me and for the future generations. Over the course of 6 years, she has successfully transformed herself from my previous expertise as a digital marketing consultant into becoming a product development consultant with strong emphasis in product management, human factors comprehension, and user experience. With her multilingual skills of Indonesian, English, Chinese, German and Spanish, she has delivered various digital projects from clients in different industries in Germany, China, Japan, Indonesia, Spain, and the USA, ranging from web and mobile apps interface design, to design system, corporate branding, and large-scale user experience researches and project management.