Sam Taggart

Sam has a professional background in communication / content and community building / management. His career started in 2009 with digital agency VaynerMedia, when businesses were just beginning to use social media to reach their audiences. Beyond his career, Sam likes to think of himself as a citizen of the world. After eight years of "corporate" work, he traveled to Southeast Asia, in part to evolve and open his mind and reality to new experiences and perspectives, and in part to find a purpose that tied more to his passions and desires to help the world. In 2019, Sam met ThreeFold co-founder Kristof de Spiegeleer in Cambodia and connected over topics like the importance of equalizing education and how we treat our planet. Sam was energized by what an Internet by people, for people could do for all of us. Having been exposed to many corners of the world, Sam is inspired by the beauty of our differences, and humbled by our similarities. He is driven to help grow this global effort to bring positive and impactful change to our planet.