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We can help you “rethink“ your next project to achieve security,
efficiency and scale which was not possible before, essential for the evolving needs of emerging IT workloads.

Our History

Our history is marked by multiple successful exits, world records, and a trail of groundbreaking inventions, from scalable content routing to Zeta-Byte storage systems. With a global impact that spans scaling websites during the internet's infancy to delivering cutting-edge data center solutions, we've consistently tackled complex challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the tech landscape for over decades.



World Records for Web Hosting (1997-2002)

Our team started the Internet hosting and datacenter business in Europe. We hosted some of the largest websites in the world including UEFA, Nasa, World Cup.


The FIRST Backup Data Duplication system in the world (2005)

Our advancements in this field brought up to 100x benefit compared to the status quo running in datacenters at the time


One of the FIRST Cloud Systems (2008)

We were one of the pioneers of cloud computing in general. Terms like Virtual Private Datacenter were invented by us.


The FIRST multi-site consistent database (2010)

We invented a method to store data in a database over multiple sites in such a way data could never be lost, corrupted or order of updates changed.


The FIRST unbreakable and distributed storage system (2012)

Our system securely stores zetabytes of data, impervious even to quantum hacking. Not only incorruptible, it boasts 10x energy efficiency compared to alternative solutions, marking a significant technological leap


Probably the FIRST proof of block stake blockchain (2017)

This blockchain was sustainable and scalable and allowed people to transact their stake as well as their digital currency in same transaction, which still to date is novel.

Our Team

Decades ago, our team came together with a strategic vision: to think about the trajectory of the Internet. We came to the conclusion that the existing Internet infrastructure was unsustainable, requiring the development of a new technological framework. Our mission was to design a new decentralized, open-source, inclusive and sustainable Internet for everyone.

The technology is now ready and alive thanks to the relentless hard work of our team members and has already proven its efficiency.

Let's meet some the people behind the project.

We’ve been at the forefront of solving global internet challenges, boasting a visionary team with 30+ years of experience.

In the realm of transformative projects, TF9 stands out. Based in Belgium (Europe) but destined to help at planetary scale. We are part of the OurWorld larger project.

OurWorld, is a global Venture Creator with a track record of innovation and success. With seven exits in the last two decades and several ongoing projects with countries, OurWorld is focused on delivering high tech projects with as purpose to “restore the commons” mainly in emerging markets.